Professional Photo editor But no orders :(


I am using fiverr from 1 month but not able to take orders

Now i am so sad because the people those are not expert in their work

They are getting many orders…

And i am a professional photo editor and can do all work in photoshop but i have few orders i am very sad :frowning:


Reply to @davidsherman: But my gig is also good and not bad…


Okay i will try


you got to be patient. it can take even more than a month to get orders on fiverr.

it takes time to get orders. you will have to market it on social media, change your display pics, description and keywords around. use google keywords for that…

also add more gigs to your profile.


aaliachuhdary stick in there! Some helpful tips that I can suggest is make as many gigs as possible. Be willing to find others that you can do work for free at frist. When I got started I would do gigs for free or a buy one get one free as a special. Over deliver. They always come back. Offer your first time customers that their next order you will do 2 images instead of one. One step at a time for sure no quick secret with Fiverr. Hope this helps :slight_smile: If you ever need free consulting you can hit me up in messaging.


Don’t give up! I see you’ve had a few sales now and you are very close to becoming a level one seller! There’s a lot of people looking for background removal work so maybe create a dedicated gig just for that type of work? Try to answer buyer requests too.