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Professional Photo Retouching & Digital Makeup Services


:cherry_blossom: Hi! I’m Bree! :cherry_blossom:

I’ve been using Photoshop for the past 7 years, and I have been a makeup artist for 3 years.
I have been a Retoucher for many years, now I am incorporating my knowledge of makeup with my skills in photoshop.
I am passionate about producing only the highest quality work possible, I have an eye for detail & I will adjust anything to a clients liking.
I look forward to working with anyone who requires my services, I will ensure 100% satisfaction.

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       My Services Include:

:sparkles:Specialised Photo Retoucher :sparkles:

:cherry_blossom: Digital Makeup

:cherry_blossom: Blemish Fixes

:cherry_blossom: Skin Tones

:cherry_blossom: Lighting Fixes/Tweaks

:cherry_blossom:Enhanced Shadows

:cherry_blossom: Facial Reconstruct (On Request)

:cherry_blossom: Beautymark Removal (On Request)

:cherry_blossom: Backround Edit/Removals

:cherry_blossom: Photo Filters

:cherry_blossom: Overall Edit