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You posted your gig without asking for comments. But here you are, so…

You’re doing fine. You’ve got 348 reviews. That’s more than I have, so maybe you should give me advice. You’ve got good gig art. Your last review was a couple days ago. Groovy.

You’re in a crowded category, with a hundred new competitors every day. But you only have 1 gig running. Perhaps branch into less crowded waters? Or maybe just branch out into other crowded waters.

Your sales appear to be slowing. You were getting more reviews 2 months ago than you are lately. I’d guess that you’re being sucked under by the current search algorithm that is favoring higher average-transaction-price gigs. I’m not seeing how your average transaction could be higher than $5 or $6. Raise your base price to $10. I don’t think it will hurt your conversion rate (even on Fiverr, services are not an actual commodity; higher prices imply greater value), but it should soon help your search ranking.

Best of success to you. And no, I don’t know for absolute certain that your sales are trailing off, so forgive my presumption I’m wrong.


Thank you so much. actually, you are right my sells got down. Yes, I have sucked by the current search algorithm. Your suggestion is very logical and I think it will be effective for me. Thank again for your valuable comment.


Do you have any idea when they’ve changed the algorithm? I seem to be affected by this as well.


Yes. My sales more than doubled in November. I have a high average transaction price, and I suddenly found myself very high in the search for all of my gigs (except my $5 course). I am guessing it happened sometime in October.

Now, mind you, I am just starting rumors, really. I don’t know for certain that there has been any change.

If I’m right, this will be good for you in the long run. You have a bunch of kick-ass kicks that should be gone to $10 - $25 a long time ago.


I am trailing downwards since September, it was a slowdown but now it dropped completely in the last week. I had a look and gigs are still showing, but conversions have dropped drastically.


It’s a goofy time of year. I’m not sure you can judge it based on anything between T-Giving and early January.


Thanks, I changed the pricing and other related information. And now I will promote my gig so I can get a huge traffic. It will help to raise the rank. I am hoping to get back my ride soon. You will be always remembered for your help.