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[PROFESSIONAL] Psychological Therapy for everyone!


I will be your personal and very own psychologist for 5 dollars per session. Our sessions will include an exchange of messages between the customer and myself. I have been helping people with psychological therapy and stress-relieving tips for over five years. It is very easy and simple for the customer and you will let me do the complicated thinking and problem-solving. Remember that there is always an easy and stress-free solution to every problem and there are simple solutions. How it works: The customer sends a message as long as they want with their personal analysis of their issues and problems at which I will respond in a helpful and informational message. If the customer still has questions, I am willing to send another message back making the total of two. Please note that there are certain things which even I won’t do. I will not teach anyone psychological “tricks” and nor will I release anything anyone sends in a message to the general public. Anything you say to me is kept private and locked. I hope you enjoy my gig and it is in my best interest to help you as soon as possible.