Professional Quality Audio Mixing/Mastering for five dollars? Come on man


I was surprised to see so many people claiming to offer Professional quality mixing and/or mastering for five bucks. If they really can and do offer that and follow through thats freaking unbelievable. Seriously. I don’t believe it. We’re talking about hours upon hours of work, using years of experience. I also notice none of the ads point out that they’re limited by the quality of the recording, they only say your record will sound amazing and radio ready. Has anyone ever used any of these services and liked what you got? Like I said, if it’s legitimate that’s amazing. I would love to find out some of them, any of them are talented engineers who really do provide a quality product for five bucks.


Then again I’d also be horrified to find out you can get a quality mix for five dollars. As a mix engineer I can’t compete with those prices. That’s beyond ridiculous lol

adamnorrismusic said: Then again I'd also be horrified to find out you can get a quality mix for five dollars. As a mix engineer I can't compete with those prices. That's beyond ridiculous
That's the wonder of Fiverr! With all the variables of the platform, who knows. They might all be lying and providing absolute crap and the buyers don't know any better, or they just may happen to be sitting in a room full of qualified workers - a 'team' who live in a region where it's worthwhile to devote hours of effort for a few dollars of income.

If you get curious enough, you could always spend $5.50 and try one out. ;)


I may just do that.


If I was an asshole and I found a quality engineer giving quality results for five bucks,I’d start sending them my clients’ sessions and get my fee minus five dollars and not have to lift a finger


Reselling is certainly a common practice. As long as you present your gigs correctly, there wouldn’t be anything unethical about it.

I guess it depends on if you’re on Fiverr to make money or to ply your craft.


Reply to @adamnorrismusic:

This is a “middle man” job and it works!

I do offer mastering for one gig, it takes me no more than 15 minutes to master a track, I do a quality 15 minutes of work for 5 dollars, in my home studio with my mastering plugins and my monitors.


Old thread… I know. But I wanted to put in my 2-3 cents.

On Fiverr, I never start out mixing for $5. I charge 5 bucks per minute of mixed audio. So usually a mix starts at $20 and goes up from there depending on the extras, such as tuning vocals/instruments, adjusting fades, how fast they want the mix, etc.

I just love what I do, so it makes it worthwhile to offer a great service here on Fiverr when I have the free time. And as always, I never skimp on the mix. That’s a bad idea, considering the client may not mention that their mix was just a “basic” mix gig. The final product makes or breaks you.


just stumbled upon this thread. I offer this type of gig. I thought it was crazy when someone recommended I did. My gig states what I will do for $5. Thats basically eqing and compressing up to five audio tracks. That’s like a demo service, and doesnt take long. Offering extras is what brings them up to the detailed mixing I offer clients offline.


I added my mixing services for 5 dollars. I did it to build up some reviews. I’d be happy if I can get anyone to let me given all the countless mix engineers on here. They would be getting a deal because I think my work is quite good. I also have the education to back it up.