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Professional Resumes Required For Design Sellers


I am a new buyer to Fiverr since March seeking various design services. So far, I am 1 for 5 in sourcing a legit designer. The other 4 where jokes and upsold and frankly lied about their design skills and ability to complete a project. I have lost 7-10 weeks of process build time from the prolonged poor communications of these 4 sellers. In each of these 4 Sellers, they failed to deliver on progress reports and have requested continued payment of funds. They also have a serious flaw in thinking that they should receive a 5 star rating for poor or incomplete work.


You should source your designers better. Do a research, give them basic $5 gigs first in order to check their skills, write them a message before ordering so you can see how do they communicate. It’s full of scammers, and yes those ruin the reputation of Fiverr, and designers like me and other legit people lose part of the cake.


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Yes, there are many bad apples and they can easily rot the bunch. Legit Sellers need to speak up to Fiverr and clean up the pool of unqualified and fraudulant sellers. Facebook even today is being required to clean up its video services (live crimes committed). So don’t tell me excuses that Fiverr can’t police its platform.


Sorry to hear you had bad experiences. Fiverr is one of the platforms of its kind that cares a lot about safety and anonymity
(as much as wanted, some people do use their real names here instead of nicks, but there are both sellers and buyers who prefer some higher degree of anonymity than some other platforms offer, and not all of them for malicious reasons, you know)
of both its sellers and buyers, that does have some advantages but also, unfortunately, some disadvantages, because not everyone is honest and not everyone can do and deliver what they promise.

It might interest you to hear that a few of us have been comparing the number of gigs in a couple categories since some weeks, about the time Fiverr introduced phone verification and that we saw a real drop in number of gigs - as much as ~1000 per category we compared, within only a few weeks, which may be coincidence somehow, or not.
They certainly do police their platform (we can often see sellers on the forum complaining because their accounts got suspended because of some ToS violation or other, and we see gigs taken down that violate Fiverr’s or 3rd party’s ToS, it´s probably not an easy thing to do since the platform is so very big, with so many existing gigs and sellers and customers, and new people and gigs all the time, and to yet keep things going at a fast pace and to keep the balance between meddling not enough and too much…

A lot of legit sellers do speak up and send reports to Fiverr Customer Support when they encounter bad apples, and CS, I quote from the reply to my last report to them, “always appreciate your reports sent to us”. When buyers encounter fraudulent sellers or sellers that harass buyers for 5-star ratings (not allowed) and such it also would help a lot if they reported them instead of just leaving be, nevermind if it was just a 5$ gig or more.

I hope your unlucky streak is behind you now, there definitely are a lot of good and talented sellers here, the people who keep coming back and buying services on fiverr, know what they are getting for investing some time in finding the right sellers - there is a reason for Fiverr’s popularity in spite of the bad apples, after all, you can get incredible value for your money here. :slight_smile:


Sure it can, but it’s not that easy as it seems. Trust me I want it as much as you want to get rid of the incompetent sellers that are offering work that is trash. You can always request for a refund or ask customer support to help me, but sellers like me and others that offer legitimate services are the ones who suffer most from this. They take buyers which wont come back to fiverr anymore. :slight_smile:


In today’s international business environment and employee recruiting, a name and address redacted resume is standard. Potential employers want to know qualifications and certifications primary. If the candidate has verifiable credentials, then the headhunter-employer or employer-candidate directly will move to the next level and dispense with anonymity.

On my prior 3 gig raises I paid Sellers a sizeable $400 -$1000 UDS downpayment. So we are not talking about $5 test gigs for performance. This is all bunk. Resume’s need to be promoted.

You wouldn’t hire a nutritionist to perform heart surgery on your father, even if they said they were a heart surgeon. You want to know their verifiable clinical training skills.


If you’re making downpayments of up to $1000 for a gig, then perhaps a website where they do authenticate their sellers’ qualifications would be a good idea.

As you can’t do this on Fiverr, and it has never been suggested as a site feature, perhaps you’re looking on the wrong site for your needs?


Just as @offlinehelpers said if you are looking for sizable gigs and verified professionals it’s harder to find people like that here. I think that there was an initiation of a program that was promoted here on the forum for “extra skilled” freelancers to be put in a separate fiverr page/groups, where top clients can find them easier. but we don’t know much about that program, just we had the option to leave if we want to be a part of it.