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Professional VIDEO EDITING, Motion Graphics & VFX


Let me introduce myself:
I´m Iván Lobo , sound engineer since 1997 and videographer since 2014. I´ve past many year learning several especialities in order to make the best possible work like video editing, color correction/grading, motion graphics, vfx and currently I´m learning 3D modeling via Blender. I´m very passionate in everything I do so will be a pleasure if you hire my services.

What am I offering to you? This:

Do you want to EDIT a VIDEO but haven´t the knowledge?

First of all, I´m here to help you to obtain the best quality and result.
You can hire my services as a FULLTIME AUDIOVISUAL editor, starting from just 10$

SERVICES I PROVIDE(amongst others):


Green Screen / Chroma Key
Montage Video
Color Correction/grading
Text Animation
Intros, outros & subtitles
Split, Cut or Join scenes or clips
Elongate at a certain portion
Subtitles / Captions
Slow Mo
Call-Outs / Arrows / Shapes with Text / Sketch-Motions
Zoom In / Zoom Out at specific points
Transition Effects between clips
Blur / Pixelate / Spotlight / Highlight
Increase / Decrease Opacity / Transparency
Resize Video Dimensions
Position / Rotate / Move on Axis
Video on another / Pic to Vid
Hue or Desaturate / Saturate colors
Correct (to a certain grade) damaged video


Volume matching
Split or Join Different Audio Sections
Audio Sync
Add Background Music 
Noise Removal
Lessen Audio Noise
Normalize sounds/music

PLEASE CONTACT BEFORE BUY and take some time to explain me what´s you need.
Service Type

Video Editing
Motion Graphics / VFX
Green Screen

I wish we will work together and make outstanding videos which can impress people.
If you hire my services , you wont repent.

Best Regards!