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Professional Voice Over

I’m not much for self-promotion but I’m trying to diversify my work as a professional voice actor, and the internet seemed like the perfect next place to start. I’m definitely not used to the whole fiverr ecosystem so I’d love some help if possible! My gig is at
I’ve got a video and several high quality previous audio projects that can work as promotional material as well. Any other suggestions for me?
I really appreciate it! Thanks so much you all!

Trevor C.

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Outsider opinion here.
Not sure if you find it worth your time, but if you can split the audio from your video and re-sync, the lag would be less of a distraction from your voice.
Recording clear and enunciation good. Voice sounds a little forced, but that might just be me, that it doesn’t quite reach ‘natural conversation’. I’m guessing scripted? How many pre-recording read-throughs of your lines, and how many takes involved?

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Thanks for your opinions! I’m always happy to learn more. The video was recorded more as an afterthought with the audio clips being my real sample projects as that’s where I tend to really shine. I’m working on some new character work as well, and hope to develop that side of my work as soon as possible.
I will do my best to work on my voice sounding forced (I believe part of that was me making that video up on the go at the last minute just for the sake of having a video as I got started)
As I said, I don’t normally deal with video so I’m very excited to have those pointers from you to help me out if I ever start to make more of a transition in that direction. Thank you again for all your help! I always do more than several takes, but a lot of the time the client gets the final call and I can’t quite get the final product I want, as long as I can get something close to it.


I will spend some time tomorrow re-editing the video so the audio de-synch is no longer there. Obviously, I don’t spend much time doing my own own video editing so audio psynch has never been a strong suit of mine.