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Proficiency certificate

The buyers who request for proofreading enquire whether they can receive a certification as well to be produced to the journals? Are there such professionals among us, please?

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I do not understand your question. Are you asking if there are certified proofreaders on Fiverr?

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Yes. next question is- I did much proofreading before joining. Can Fiverr too help to provide certificate giving- to those in this job who earn reputation. please?




Unfortunately fiverr is not an employer and doesn’t help to get any certifications.

On the other hand I’m not sure how you are providing proofreading services if your messages contain so many mistakes.and that might be the main reason for your customers asking to see your certification.


I have a teaching degree so I would say I am a professional. :woman_teacher:

I am a lady! :older_woman:

Did you proofread English documents? :thinking:

Fiverr offers tests such as English and English Skills tests. You could take those and if you score high :100: perhaps buyers would trust you with their proofreading. :wink:

You do that by completing orders and getting 5 :star: reviews.


She’s a lady. Whoa, whoa, whoa. She’s a lady. :notes:

No, we’re freelancers, so we have to earn our own reviews and certifications.

A few reputable institutions, such as Poynter and UCSD, do offer proofreading certifications, but they’re very expensive to acquire.

Your best bet is to demonstrate your skills another way. Vickiespencer mentioned tests. They could work well for you.


Hi, I do ice breaking after a lapse of quite a long time. I did take a couple of Skills test as prompted by others here. I was a Newbee then. I thank each one who reacted/ responded in a genuine way giving a frank opinion. Of course I took a few with a pinch of salt, though! Every small error crept in while querying members in the respective domain makes a person confronted to take it in the right spirit and mellow a person to reorient and prform with a change in attitude so that there is a professional growth in my domain and render effective service to the clients concerned!