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Profile and Gig Not Showing In Search, Customer Support Silent

My Fiverr gig and profile disappeared from public listings a few days ago. I can still access both with direct links, but not by searching for my profile name or gig, or by browsing the category. I have also done the searches and browsing in different browsers, in incognito mode to remove my login and any cookies causing issues, on different computers, and on mobile with the same results.

I disappeared after I uploaded a gig video, but both removing the video and replacing the video did not fix the issue.

I reached out to Fiverr a few days ago and followed up with them, but have received zero response.

Anyone have any idea what’s going on here?

If it helps anyone figure out what’s happening, you can get to my profile directly at as well as see my gig listed in there.


by clicking on the link you provided I can see your profile and your gig

Hi again

when I search for your username it does not appear. When I search in your gig-category your gig does not appear.

As I wrote before, when I click on the link of your profile (the one you provide) then everything appears. Your gig is visible then. But I see that your last delivery was 3 years ago. Maybe that is the issue. I think you should better ask customer support about this.

Use this tool to see if your gig is appearing in search - it often says it is in your profile while the tool says it’s inactive or paused or something.

Take a screenshot add it to a support ticket and mention you used the tool.



Yes, I know it can be seen and accessed with the direct link. As you said, it’s the search and categories where it’s not showing up. Unfortunately, that’s the way most everyone actually finds gigs, so mine is getting no views since it disappeared from those public searches.

I deactivated the gig for about 3 years while I was in a full-time position, but am returning to freelance, so I updated and reactivated it. It was working fine for a few days before it disappeared from the public searches.

I reached out to customer support early last week and have followed up multiple times without a reply.

Thank you for linking me here. It does say my gig is pending for some reason. I will capture that and add it to my ticket. Thank you!

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This may be the problem. If you type “video approval wait” in the search bar above there are several posts on the subject.