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Profile and gigs are hidden from search!

My Fiverr user profile and all my gigs are completely hidden from the search despite the fact that my user account is been shown as active and all my gigs are also shown active. When I search any of my gigs or even my username, I don’t get my profile or gigs in search results. Yes I have done a thorough search of my profile and gigs through desktop as well as the app, anonymously. Another evidence that my gigs and profile is not visible through fiverr search is that I get zero impressions. The only time I get a few impressions (2-3) is when I have responded to some buyer’s requests. All of my gigs are more than a month old (oldest gig being 6 months + old) and I have also tried tweaking every gig multiple times. I contacted Fiverr support but they haven’t responded and my support request (created 17 days ago) is still marked OPEN!
I have completed 4 orders until now each yielding a 5 star review. I am working on my fifth order now. All of these orders I have received are through buyers requests only. My impression count for all the gigs has never gone past 5 (which I know are from the buyers requests responses).
At this point I have done everything I can and nothing has come out of it.
How will I work if my gigs and profile aren’t searchable at all! Please help!


Update: The fiverr customer service finally responded. They solved my issue and now my gigs are visible. It took them 21 days. Now my gigs are getting impressions and a few click everyday. I guess the only solution for this problem is to have a lot of patience (way more than an average person) and to keep hustling in the buyer’s requests section.

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