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Profile Downfall due to Revision!

I have an order in revision for more than a month and I didn’t receive any message from a month, Is this order a reason behind my profile downfall? Previously I was getting approx 10-15 message per day. What happen to my profile? what is the reason behind it? Please Help I am in big trouble!

None of us can tell you why you have fewer sales. But YOU can start doing things to bring those sales back up – like improving your gigs, marketing and promoting your services, reaching out to your target customers. YOU are responsible for your success. Instead of asking us why things aren’t going well for you, take the initiative and find ways to MAKE things work. Set goals and achieve them. That is how business earn customers and become successful.

Thank You for your quick response, I am just asking from professionals like you that is revision is a factor or not?

And I answered your question in my previous response. :wink:

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thank you sir for the response and your guidelines!

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