Profile drop down options, such as report


I’m sure it’s pretty rampant in other areas too, but more than half of the illustration or cartoon gigs I looked through had stolen, traced, or ripped off work. (One guy offering custom character designs for commercial use straight-up just traced a sketch of Li-Ming, which is a character already owned by a large company.)

Is there a way to report this? Can that be an option? What are the options for buyers when they find out their work they paid for is stolen and can’t use it? These are things that I haven’t seen yet as an obvious button or something but definitely think should be added in.


I send a heads up to customer service whenever I see that happening.


Unfortunately the only way is to report to CS (dang @uncarved , you were too fast!) , for which they have a specific category of tickets regarding intellectual property :wink:


Hmm that’s a bummer, I definitely wish they made it easier to contact support then. There’s so many clicks to get there, even just a like drop down on user’s pages with different options would be nice! Right next to the “contact me” or something haha.


If it’s too easy to report, support won’t have time to sleep! :joy:


Your competitors could use it, too, and send false accusations.