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So ive recently made a sale and it was a few audio files. Fiverr automatically choose which file to put on my gallery?! So what im asking is…
A. Is there anyway i can choose which file (completed orders) gets shown on my profile?
B. Is there any way around the “10MB” limit on my gallery?

I imagine the space issue is why they choose the file automatically which really leads me to question B…?


Once you deliver multiple files tiny left/right arrows appear on the generated thumbnail. You need to click on them to assign the one file that will go on your live portfolio should the buyer allow it.

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I see where ive delivered them. No tiny arrows though just a play button in the middle and a list of the files to download on the right

No tiny set of thumbnails above your main one?

(It’s been a while since I delivered multiple files but we may see different things due to different categories)

No just the main thumbnail and small underneath it. No arrows

You have to choose the file you want in your portfolio before you click “deliver”.

Ah ok well next time i know. Thanks for helping!