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Profile image doesn't upload

Hi guys, I have signed up on Fiverr and have been trying to upload my profile image for several days now and it’s not working. Tried different browsers, mobile app, etc and STILL doesn’t work. Can anyone help? If you have had this issue before, how did you solve it? Thanks

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Tried after clearing cache & cookies of your browser? (Use chrome)
And what actually happens when you try to upload?

Thanks for your response.
Yep. I’ve tried it all. What happens is that when I click the “add profile photo” button, I choose my image, click “create” and then it keeps on loading forever without any results.

Having same problem. Is there a file size the jpg should be? Sorry I have nothing to add. @savvywhiz

Try an experiment. Try uploading a different image to see if ANY image will upload.

Tried different images, different formats, different sizes. Doesn’t work

I originally had about 280kb size, then I resized it to 4 or even 2kb!!! Still doesn’t work so the problem is elsewhere.

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I had this problem, I contacted the Fiverr Support Center, they fixed it
I think you should contact Fiverr support center.

I had contacted the Fiverr support before and now they have responded. I used Safari before (on Mac), now I downloaded Chrome and it WORKS! @hotwheelzz