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Profile Incomplete? I can't satisfy my dashboard

Hey guys, so quick question - my dashboard continually tells me that my profile is incomplete and that I should fix it, but I cannot find any portion of my profile that I haven’t filled out or completed!

I’ve verified Facebook and Google, I’ve set security questions, reset password, added languages, basically everything I can think of.

Does anyone know what I am missing to make this disappear from my dashboard?


I am having the same issues, i am hoping that some senior pros could help us on this one. Like yourself i have Fb gmail verified and languages added as well, yet it shows up as profile incomplete.

I understand your concern . But I also know its not only your problem. There are so many buyer in here, they are facing this issue as well.


I myself was suffering the same issue but now i have found a solution (Thanks to forum) :smiley: Here’s what you need to do to remove that.
1- Copy your profile description and then back space it.
2- Paste the info again and click on save.
3- Click on your Picture and change it or if you don’t want to change it choose the same one and save it.
That’s it, that will update it and the profile is incomplete would not appear.
Hopefully this helps you, Cheers.