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Please i got my level1 badge on 11th of may but found out through my analytic that i got the level1 two months ago, does it mean that i do not have any opportunity again to gain level2 since i need to make 50sales within two months whereas my two month have not yet really elapse?

Everything you need to know in plain English: Levels

I can’t understand your post well enough to reply. You’ll just have to refer to the Levels page as suggested by Mario.

To get level two you need to complete more than 2 months on fiverr and have more than 50 orders completed

You have to read the Levels pages as well, as your information isn’t entirely true.

Go to analytics page in your profile scroll down to the bottom. It will show that you have passed level 1 and level two and how long back it was that you did. Then there if you are a level one seller it will show what you need to do to get level 2. What I said above: I quoted from my analytics page tasks, and when I did 50 orders after becoming level 1 in a month and a half and did not level up (to level 2 ) I contacted customer support they said I need to wait 2 months as well. So tell me how come it is not true?