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Profile Offline problem

****Profile Offline ******
I think profile offline problem is solved now! from today I can not face any problem about profile offline! Are you guys facing any problem related to profile offline?


not yet brother, but maybe this is a temporary problem that you faced

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still facing offline problem .
i think there should be some page on fiverr where they post the regular problems they solved and let people post their problems or live message ???

my profile offline problem is getting worse

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yes i am facing this problem from many days and also have today

oh you say brother so sweet of you
you are very kind sister but some people did’t like this type of word,

I had the same and have now fixed. I logged onto the Fiverr mobile app, which shown I was online. Then I went back to the website on my PC and refreshed it and now its showing Im online. Don’t know if its just a temporary fix or not :slight_smile:

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I am facing the same issue. From mobile app, it says online. If mobile is switch off or data turned off, then website shows me offline over desktop. Don’t know how to report this. :thinking:

Yes I am @rafsan_xani
I’m based in India

I am facing offline problem on mobile app. It shows offline after 10 minutes, but still i am logged in on the app.
Any solution please?