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Profile Penalization or Derank? What should i say? or Do?

So Lets Discuss About Profile Penalization.

This is what happen with me,

I’m level to seller on Fiverr, suddenly my All 20 gigs Fallen down. Almost 7 to 10 Gigs were on the First page and giving me Good sales. I don’t know what happen, my whole profile de ranked, from 1000+ daily clicks to 10 Clicks a Week. :broken_heart:

I tried everything, but nothings work. I contact support to many times but the only reply i got is, fiverr is giving chance to new Sellers? then what about Old sellers? is this fair to get reputed Sellers With good Star ratings, and good conversation to kick out from fiverr Position?

I Remember, 1 month AGO i just receive 1 Fake order from client and I was sure when he put just “Ok” in the requirement. So i suddenly contact to support, and afterwards are receive client message to cancel the order which is $150. I waited for Support reply, once they reply i told them the whole thing and ask them to do anything which is in the favor of my profile and reputation. So they cancelled the order and said to me that I will not effect your ratings and profile score.

And after 2 or 3 days I see this impact in my daily impression and views + sales.

Anyone else face this issue? Also what’s the solution?



You need to remove the name of your buyer’s country from your post as that is not allowed on the forum.


Thanks for telling Done.

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So you’d be happy with keeping all the highest rated/highest level sellers at the top at all times? Then what would be the point for anyone else ever selling on this platform? Gigs rotate for a reason.

Also, If you were getting 1000+ daily clicks and couldn’t convert any of them into return buyers then you should consider how you could improve on your strategy, otherwise you’ll just be relying on always having a good positioning which isn’t a variable you control.

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Did i say? that i don’t have returned clients? i do have that. and Still i’m getting the Same Sales flow but not from any new buyer. I hope this will clear your all points.

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New buyers are everything, and Stats matter the most. i hope you understand that.

What are you complaining about then? If life’s good, life’s good. What’s the difference between 10 clicks turning into 10 buyers and 1000 clicks turning into 10 buyers? It’s just a much worst conversion rate, you’re too fixated on the numbers which from what you’ve just said seem to have no impact on your business.

No, but the post sounds like it was made by someone who joined the site 3 days ago.

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The Only Question was, If buyer is doing well, Than why we got de ranked. this is the only question. nothing else.

I already answered with a rhetoric, but I’ll be clear this time, they rotate because the platform is designed to give everyone an “equal” chance of getting sales.

This Happens and hope you understand i someone is running the business this is the most critical situation for them.

You are not making any sales on these two services and on both you have artwork form other artist from internet photos, and clipart from Freepik and logo makers, so you should replace images with yours original or remove those GIGs since they do not bring you any money:

I will illustrate anything, includes children books and pet illustration

I will design unique modern minimalist business flat logo

this is horrible.


Noted. i paused that gig and will update that later.

Yes this is just the one gig. it happens with all top gigs.

Thank you. And regarding what is happening to you, and to everyone, it is really horrible.

I see people mention returning clients but what if you are in services that are not of the kind were your client actually needs you more than once?

So basically we all here hope our clients are resellers and will return to us for more?

There are lots of service, like i have neon animation. the client mostly come for the first time only. they are not returning anymore some of it maybe. but not all of it. this gig rotation is hurting businesses a lot.

I am not going to comment about the algorithm or what it does, or whether it is fair, etc

I am just going to throw some advice your way, in case you want it.

First of all, I don’t think that CS’s involvement with your ticket and your gigs tanking immediately afterwards was a coincidence.

They just looked into your account.

Your two best selling gigs, the animated logo ones, are identical.

You are not allowed to do that. While they won’t remove your listing, or force you to keep one over the other, the algorithm will not help people who are trying to game the system.

Creating two identical gigs, just so you can populate two different categories, is considered an attempt to game the system.

You may also need to work on your communication skills, as it seems that it’s probably the reason why you keep getting negative reviews and probably why you had to cancel that one order.

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Hey Frank,

Thanks for reply, i deleted the 2nd Gig, after your reply.

Yes i will work on my communication skills too.


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