Profile Photo Issue


Hello friends,

I recently made change to my profile photo ( actually my fiverr profile logo).

But wa surprise to received massage from CS asking me to remove it, and they believe it is not original and I do not have right to use it. And they eventually removed the logo today; even after I contact CS with evidence (the Adobe Illustrator AI file) of my right to use the new improve logo

This logo was an improve on my former logo with some slight change to better reflects a much professional outlook for my fiverr profile. My question now is: Is fiverr against profile photo change or what exactly is the issue?


I have seen some similar posts. It appears to me that Fiverr is trying to get people to stop using stock photos, copied photos, copied logos, and other unoriginal or artificial content as a profile photo.

My guess would be that either you used the profile photo you had on multiple sites or that it was similar to a photo/logo elsewhere on the internet. Perhaps an automated search turned up something too close and they asked you to remove it. If you have 100% proof that you created it and that it isn’t at all similar to something on the net, they will probably work with you.

I’m only guessing at this whole answer since I am just responding based on what I’ve seen in other posts. You’ll get the best information by continuing to correspond professionally with CS.


Same thing yesterday. Contacted CS and problem solved. Do the same thing, lad.


Ready contact CS, they assured not to worry then go ahead to remove it


The new logo is actually used on my other online profiles aside fiverr…but the old logo was also used by me elsewhere online without any issue.

Have raw copies of both the old and new logo…not much different in the two…just color change and improved text layout…Artboard 1 copy

The First image is the new logo while the one with purple background was the old logo. As you can see not much different in the two.

So what are likely the issue?


Nobody here can tell you - only CS can help you I’m afraid.


As @offlinehelpers said, no one here knows. I can tell you that on a reverse search, your images look slightly like some others online, so that’s probably what got you the notice from Fiverr. I’m not saying they are the same as yours, but someone who glanced fast without paying attention might think they were the same.

CS has a small staff and I doubt they spend much time reviewing automatic flags for similar images. If they said your logo is now okay, great! If the didn’t, you’ll have to work it out with them or change to an even more unique photo. Good luck.


Issue resolved.

Thanks to everyone, much appreciation


nice logo design


Wow Really Awesome :blush::blush: