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Profile Picture Changing Bug

I have a profile picture set, but for some reason another picture shows up at times. It’s a personal picture, that I have not used on the site at all, and I’m not comfortable with it on my profile.


Please clear your browser cookies and cache and check again. sometimes cache creating a that type of issues.

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Clear your browser cookies then i think everything will be okay

Did you maybe log in with Google or FB or whatever is possible instead of with Fiverr username+password and that picture got taken from you Google/FB account? In that case, you can contact support and ask them to “unlink” that account from your Fiverr account.

Also, on the app, sometimes a different pic than my current one shows up for some reason but it’s a pic I did use a while ago, if you never used that pic on Fiverr, you should definitely contact support about it.
If you did use that pic yet, at some point, I fear it’s indeed a bug and apparently one several people encounter and it should be known to support already, but it can’t hurt to report it anyway so they know it still exists.

Link to support is in every footer, you need to click yourself through the help center to get to the actual page to send a ticket.