Profile picture hiden


Hi, anyone can tell me why hidden my profile picture the first time I saw this see the screenshot!!!

Thank you


In the top view you’re viewing your profile as a seller, so you don’t see the gig videos, just the gig images.

In the bottom view, you’re viewing as a buyer so you see the gig videos.


as a buyer not able to see my pic in the gig


Because you see the video by default as a buyer. If you click through to the gig itself, then you can see the gig image as well as the video.

Honestly, there’s nothing wrong! :slightly_smiling_face:


see now



now anyone can tell me the solution?


So in your seller backend your profile picture is intermittently appearing and disappearing? Your first pair of images didn’t show that.

Mine did as well earlier today - my guess is it’s a bug. Your profile image is appearing to buyers which is all that matters! :slightly_smiling_face:


so what to do for this do you know any solution


If your profile image is only missing in the seller backend, the only person who’s not seeing it is you. As I assume you know what you look like it’s not really a problem! :wink:

However, if it is a concern then I’m sure you could ask CS?


I also can not see your profile image. Sounds like a temporary glitch. Fiverr having an update, sounds like a glitch on your profile. Not to worry about it. It will be fixed automatically in few days. if it’s too much bothering you can ask Fiverr Supports attention.