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Profile Picture Refused?

So I decided this morning that I wanted to upgrade my personal logo and I spent the better part of the day tweaking and touching up each handle and anchor point until my wrist was feeling exhausted but eventually I decided on a design.

With some excitment, I uploaded the image to Fiverr and after about 2 or 3 minutes I receive a message to tell me that the image was not original and It was refused.

Umm… Eh?!


I like the one you have here.

They might have done a reverse image lookup and thought one or more of the elements used to create the logo might be too similar to existing images? Or if not maybe they just found your existing logo and it was a similar enough match (but not identical) to the updated logo. You could show them the source file if it would help.

I really wanted a minimalist feel so I tried to keep the logo as simplistic as possible but I think what was happening is the fiverr auto-checking system must have just thought my design was too similar to someone else’s. It’s really not a good system if it is stopping actual unique designs from being uploaded.

More work needed here fiverr staff. Anyway I managed to resolve the issue by placing a color behind my logo which would have changed all the white pixels to something different

Thanks @misscrystal Do you mean my current or my old one?

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This black one. Is this the new one?