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Profile picture to attract any buyer!

How ready is my profile picture to attract any buyer? I am new seller in this FiverR. Thank you.


ok thanks for your good ideas

That is not what the title is asking ;D


I think your profile picture is just part of the equation.

What you should concentrate on is creating an interesting profile and Gigs on skills you actually have.

I don’t hire people based on how they look.

I hire people based on what they can do.


Great reply of the year, Uncle. Thank you so much. I am poor seller. Best regards - Jafar

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Welcome to fiverr community.


If you mean your photo we see here, Mr Ink is right, a good buyer is not interested in who you are in that way. They are looking to see if you look like a good solution for their problem.

Who you are and how you present yourself is however inextricably linked with that. Right now that image doesn’t sell you very well. Sure you put on a business shirt and tie and there is no background, all things that every How To Look Businessy list says, but you look like you are uncomfortable. Like you just got drafted in the army when your country is being invaded by space bugs. Your discomfort signals discomfort to others.

This doesn’t mean that you should swap to a photo of you drinking beer whilst watching Pro Surfing but to find a way to present what you do in a way that builds confidence in the looker.


Oh, and speaking of confidence your thread title says you want your image to attack buyers, maybe you can’t change that, but the lesson is to be sure of all the details before you publish.


I fixed that for him. I clicked on this topic because it said “attack” buyer. I had to know what that was about!


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I was hoping for a zombie fest myself.


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Thanks so much. Thinking great solutio.

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