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Profile Picture

do put profile picture increase chance to get hired?

There is the thought which is not correct that pictures of pretty young ladies gets sales and it actually can work the opposite way.

  1. Don’t put a fake picture.
  2. Don’t put a picture of a face tilted at an angle.
  3. Don’t put a sexy picture.
  4. Don’t put a scary or angry picture.

I’m guessing #2 means tilted at a weird angle? Your own pic isn’t straight-on, after all.

I guess I’d also avoid potentially controversial pictures. I can’t think of anything else to add to the avoidance list.

I’ve been doing okay with this cartoon instead of a real picture, but I suspect I’d do less well with a default grey letter. Banism, if you got all the way to Level 2 with no profile pic, I’m impressed.

It’s my head that is turned a little. You know what I mean, when they turn the entire picture of the face almost sideways. I didn’t mean you need to be staring straight at the camera.

I’m not sure if it will increase your sales right away, but it does make you appear more professional in my opinion.
Just be sure the images represent you well, do not use images that don’t belong to you, and do not use photos of Hollywood celebrities.

I use props like tiny peppers while pulling faces to give my profile pic a certain je ne sais quoi.

It was also the only photo of me that I had close to hand that I didn’t hate, which was my #1 influence.

oh thanks :), but mostly i got client only from bid

I wouldn’t hire someone with a picture like yours. Strange and scary isn’t a good way to sell.

My profile picture got me my first order! It was to write about being a dog owner. That gig led to another order about being a rat owner.

To answer the question, I see my profile picture as being the logo of my personal brand.

ok lol i will ad picture

why i can’t change profile picture ?