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Profile rating issue

For a very long time, my clients have not been able to rate me. Ratings do not appear on my profile.
Is there anyone who has experienced the same problem?

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There probably hasn’t been ratings in the last 60 days for you that’s why it’s showing “N/A” there since that’s the number of days it’s based on.

If they haven’t said they had problems leaving a review/rating, they might have just decided they didn’t want to leave one.

Thank you.
Actually, one of my customers rating for me. But I could not see it. This has happened in the last 60 days. My customer told me she was giving me a rating.

Did you rate them back? How long ago was this? If you rated them back, their rating should have appeared right after you rated them. If you didn’t rate them back then their rating should appear 10 days after they wrote it (if they did).

They might also have said they were giving you a rating but they actually didn’t give a (public) rating.

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I understand. If there is nothing wrong with the site, maybe they didn’t rate me.
Thank you very much for informing me :slightly_smiling_face:

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Hi @graphic3d,

I do see your rating and reviews. Your profile shows your rating is 4.6 and you’ve got 7 reviews.

:+1: :slightly_smiling_face:

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