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Profile rating peoblem

I recently got a bad review and I can not sent buyer request. I have now 4.4 rating. Did it will fix automaticly. Or I need more reviews??


you can’t send buyer request until you get 4.7 rating.

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Try to get some direct orders. Always try to keep a rating above 4.7. :+1:t3:


You need more reviews to fix this. Sellers need to maintain at least a 4.7-star rating to send buyer requests.

Try to find some direct orders by contacting previous buyers or share your gigs on social media.

All the best!

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He absolutely should not “contact previous buyers.” That’s cold-contacting/spam and it’s a fast way to get in trouble - the rule of thumb on Fiverr is “don’t speak unless spoken to” in regards to one-on-one communication. If you want guests, you make your own home (profile) inviting - you don’t go breaking into people’s houses to invite them to yours.

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Thank you very much for suggetion

Sending spam messages or disturb to buyers is not good. It’s really bad. I agree with it.

But I don’t think contact with the repeating previous buyer is a bad thing. Because they have an idea about the seller. I think that’s why Fiverr offers a “My Contacts” page. So we can find who are our repeating buyers, how many orders are they placed, and so many details. I don’t think to contact a previous buyer and keep a good relationship with them is a bad thing because that’s how business goes.

But I really appreciate it if a responsible person - the Fiverr team can answer this.

Thank you.