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I’m glad to say that I’m an older woman. I haven’t used my resume for m-a-n-y years. I have lots of past experience but none of it applies to what I do today. I no longer have the notated information about the years of what I did and when I did them ~ ! I don’t value that information. I have lots of life experience. By not filling out the experience page completely the bot won’t let me move forward to complete the profile. There seems to be no human for me to speak to about this. I hate to turn away from Fiverr with a bad experience. Taking this approach you miss out on my real value.


Hello! I don’t remember very well how it was when I set up my profile, but I’m sure you don’t have to give out every single work experience. Can’t you just write your school/college name and year of graduation? I believe that’s all I have on my profile.


Hello @afifth,

Could you please share a screenshot of the page you’re mentioning, or tell us what you’re being required to fill in? Maybe we can be of some help.


Thanks for your response(s). I’ve attached an image of the web page I’m talking about.
I don’t have an occupation. What I’m doing is just something I do and do well.

I didn’t learn any of what I do in schools.

The image shows the two items that are required. There are three other fields that are not required.

I can’t move to the next page without filling them in, in some way.

I really don’t want to give any work experience because those jobs are not applicable to what I’ve done or want to do.

Why isn’t there someone who I can speak with that can handle this situation?

The bots just send a person in circles!

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There’s nothing to thank us for, @afifth. Still, you’re most welcome! :slightly_smiling_face:

Can you please tell us what options show up from the “Ocuppation” drop down?

As for the “Skills”, what service(s) are you planning to offer?


Like maitasun , I would also need to know the options in the Occupation field, but in regards to Skills, you must choose something that has to do with the service you want to offer on Fiverr. That’s how you tell Fiverr the type of job you are offering… you can’t skip that.

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Sure! The thanks is for your time and attention.
I do many things, but what I prefer to do here is make affirmations.

It’s not a profession. I don’t want it to be associated with any particular occupation.

Here’s the list for


I have to make a selection from the limited list below and offer the years I did this work.

Digital Marketing

Graphics & Design

Writing & Translation - if I choose this have another subchoice see below the horizontal line below.

Programming & Tech

Music & Audio

Video & Animation

Other - IF I click on this one: here are the options:

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Hey @afifth

I’m not sure if this will help but I also had a similar situation, I was an engineering student having completed my bachelors in computer science but moved on to Art of which I had no “official” degree since I’m a self taught artist so what I did was just put in the details corresponding to my actual education that the state recognises. I’m sure it won’t affect your profile in any way as I did that and I still get work related to Art. I just saw that form as a fiverr formality and filled it without stressing too much about what I did back then and what I’m doing now. If I had a formal degree in Art I’d obviously fill that instead.

Let me know if this helps!

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