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Profile update :D


Fiverr’s update: ( update your profile image before 10th December )

Your profile image should be unique and real. We recommend uploading a picture of yourself to add that personal touch to your profile. You can also upload an image that reflects the type of services you offer.

Do not use images from the web.
Do not use images that you don’t have the copyrights for.
Do not include “Fiverr” badges in your profile image.
Avoid using a lot of text in your profile image.


I don’t understand the title of your post.


Great! It was about time.

I wonder what will happen to those who keep using fake profile photos after that date.


Where are you seeing this update?


Probably: “But the others are still doing it, and using pictures of girls, too!”


The text you quoted is from here:

but 10th December isn’t mentioned anywhere?

These guidelines would apply to male and female users presumably?


Perhaps it’s not an update, but a warning he received?


Ahhhhh - that makes sense!


Posting in riddles. :crazy_face:

Maddie is right the title is kinda :thinking:


That would be interesting and positive.


This might confuse some people. It sounds like fiverr is saying you can find an image that reflects the services you offer even if you copy it from somewhere. Or some might interpret it that way.

At least the OP is showing a picture that, while it is a stock image, reflects his actual gender.


It’s a nice section, hadnt seen it before - thanks for linking it @offlinehelpers
I wonder if this will actually happen?

You should add only the degrees and certifications you’ve earned. Make sure you are able to present them to the Fiverr Team (Marketplace Integrity/Editorial/Support) if asked.


Good initiative from fiverr


People are going to be busy making them.


It is a very good and positive change forced by team.


in pakistan the people miss use girls pics so they do not use there orignal pics :slight_smile: social media etx


Yes we know, but why?


i also
worried about it :slight_smile:


Do men in Pakistan get excited when they see a female offering a gig or what? :heart_eyes:


That’s inappropriate. It sounds like an attempt to be deceptive to buyers and it makes no sense. I have seen many accounts from Pakistan with excellent pictures of male sellers and they appear to be realistic. As a buyer, I am impressed by those and ignore fake pictures. I ignore photos of males that look like copied stock photos too. I’m glad to hear that Fiverr insists that sellers begin to go by appropriate standards.