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Profile update on my fiverr account

How can I update my profile? I want to improve my Gig. I have added enough information and files to my gig but they are asking for more. Can somebody help?
Thank you!


welcome to our community. which step you need to complete?

There are some things that you should take care of.First of all do not display work you havent done.The gig with the tipping seems like you are not professional and this site is not a donation site.On the business card,flyer,brochure gig you should display all three elements. If your gigs don’t have more than 20-30 pageviews then you have to use more eye catching images.The rest of analytics depend on sharing your fiverr gigs on sites that people need some kind of help they could use for 5 $. Use most searchable keywords in your Gigs. e.g. if i am offering PSD to Wordpress Gigs, you have to use this KWs Intelligently. Build your Own Web page. Add attractive video and portfolio to your account. Use verified account.

I hope it will help. Best of luck!