Profile Videos


I would like Fiverr to add an option to have an introduction video on profiles. I would like to make a greeting video to introduce myself separate from gig videos. That way, potential can see and get to know me and see why they should order from me. It may not be beneficial to others but for me, it would be.


Um yes please! We should even have a profile page aside from our gigs!


No doubt.


@musiclover, Love the idea, Nakita! You are an idea man.


Reply to @hotwebideas: lol. Thanks. I’m actually an idea woman. Lol. That’s why I want a video profile so people will know I’m a female. People see my pic, see a tie, and automatically think “male”.


Reply to @musiclover: Looking forward to the pic of you in a dress. :wink:


Of course we can have a link to a YouTube on our page, so there you go…


Reply to @hotwebideas: EW! I do not wear dresses, nor women clothing. Lol

ceceliavo said: We should even have a profile page aside from our gigs!
I agree, I would love to have a profile page that would give me room to describe and introduce people to my research history, post my crednetials and just tell people more in depth about my family tree gig and how I can help them discover who their ancestors were and where they come from