Profiles Matter - Some tips on a profile that sells


I know based on feedback from my buyers that 10% of my sales have come directly from my profile.

Check it out. It is not long, but it does 2 things that attract buyers:

1 - It directly addresses buyers’ fears about ordering on Fiverr. Those fears are that they will waste their time with an immature seller who does not care about them and does not deliver. The message my profile sends is that I am professional, a reliable family man, and care about my customers.

2 - It is just personal enough that buyers who want to feel a connection to the seller get a sense of who I am. 5% of my sales come from people in North Carolina or who have ties to North Carolina just because I mention it in my profile.

Anyone else have tips on how to create a profile that sells?


The main tip that I’ve seen around the forum is that you should have an actual photo of yourself as your profile image.


Interestingly, the tip I saw recently was to have a stock image of an attractive woman. That those who test and track found that improved sales.