Profiles To Enable "Assistants" or "Employees" To Deliver Your Orders


Some sellers have so many orders that it could be humanly impossible to handle all the orders just one person.

I think Fiverr should create a feature where sellers could create profiles to get help from their team: deliver orders, reply messages, etc. with restrictions in the revenues area.

In this way, anyone could hire an assistant to reply messages, sort the orders, get information of the orders or even deliver the orders without worry about making movements or even knowing how much money is the Fiverr account getting.

Maybe the total revenue and the revenue of every order could be hidden for everyone except the main admin of the Fiverr profile.

I think this could help many sellers to start giving responsabilities to others and focus on grow the business on Fiverr.


I don’t think for most sellers they want to pay other people on $5 gigs. How much wold someone by paying an admin person here on Fiverr? If you were a top seller earning thousands per month I could totally see it.

But then I also think there could be issues with multiple people being able to respond to clients, get information, etc., etc., because then you are asking Fiverr to get involved with your communication between you and your team. Whereas now, if a buyer OR seller has a problem, they can email Customer Support. They can look athe messages and see what the situation is and create a remedy. Once you start having multiple people on your account it’s a very mixed bag of results. The buyer says they communicated it in their messages, but then you didn’t deliver what they wanted, because you were not the one directly in contact with them. Then it becomes your own internal communication that has problems now.


Reply to @kjblynx: that’s a good point, I didn’t even think about that aspect, that you buy a gig from one seller because of your dealings with that seller, their communication style and things like that. A few months later they have an new assistant that can’t write well and it’s not the same gig any longer.


A assistant could be little help but i dont think so it is good idea in long run. It is like getting a agent for help in between and it can turn mess for buyer and seller both.


Hmm I kind of like the idea fiverr is for one person/freelancer sellers, so you know who will deliver your work.

Though I do understand the assistant to help with simple customer service, marketing, social media etc, so you’d be able to just focus on the work you will deliver.

Though I’ve seen some people’s profiles or gig descriptions that reads “our team will deliver…” etc. which I suppose means there are more than one person working with that one account jobs?


Reply to @kjblynx: I feel the same way and also don’t order from buyers that say “we” or “our team”. Because then you never know who really did the portfolio work, and I would hate for that seller to be utilizing even more bad labor costs than $4 already is.