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PROFIT THE NAME OF THE GAME?: Buy work for $5 and sell it for $30+

I am sure I won’t be the first or last person with this experience.

I am new to Fiverr, maybe 2-3 weeks and of course sometimes new persons experience challenges in kick starting their experience. So slowly work started coming in which I am happy for.

As I am new I decided to drop my prices and give best deadline to attract buyers until I built a client base.

All my gigs are $5 for 5 hours with same day delivery (which generally people pay an additional cost for)

This particular “buyer” purchased two gigs from me recently and it has come to my attention that it’s being resold at a MUCH greater cost. So with their gig it’s $20 for same day delivery, $10 for two persons on audio, etc. etc. So at the end of the day, they pay me $5 for excellent quality work and reap all the profits I guess.

I guess that’s the way of the business world? What are you thoughts?

Let’s chat!

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My resellers are gold. They provide tons of my work!

Yes, resellers are the ones paying most. I totally agree,

Look at it this way: the fact that they resold your work didn’t cause you to lose anything. Whether or not this buyer resold your services, you would have done the same work for the same pay anyway. So what’s to worry? You got 2 orders and good feedback to kickstart your account, which I assume is what you were looking for.

If you don’t want the resellers buying your gig, maybe put a ‘buy copyright’ extra on it and state that it cannot be resold, used for commercial purposes, etc. Might scare some of them off. Otherwise, report them if it’s bothering you.

I would be happy to have this problem.

I am starting out relatively new as a seller on Fiverr and don’t have any sales/reviews yet.

Work and good reviews is what we are looking out for as beginners. So it’s a win-win situation.

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Interesting facts about the resellers !! I’ve learn it the very first time.

Reply to @beccathewrecker: Report them for what? They did nothing wrong!

As long as they pay for my work, they can use it as they like.

Well they sell it because they have probably put a lot of work into their business to create a client base they can charge hundreds for a product i created for only a couple of dollars.

But i am on fiverr because i can easily offer my service, reach a market and make some good money. And while doing that i am building real life business. Fiverr gives me the possibility to do that. So i am more than happy here :slight_smile:

Resellers are very welcome :slight_smile:

Cheers Andy

Would be nice have a option for resellers… As someone as already said I’ll be happy for for those people to resell my gigs…

Regards all.


I guess it depends on what your gig states. I assume my 2 biggest blog buyers resell them. But my blogs appear online with my name as the writer, so I don’t care. You could put a provision like, no ghost blogging or something.

A great business transaction is when the buyer and seller both benefit from the transaction. Don’t be discouraged when you see your client benefit from your work. That is what raises the value of your work and what people are willing to pay you for your services.

that’s an awesome business model. Pay someone to do something for a lower price, then resell for higher. Taking the benefit and doing absolutely none of the work. This is a smart seller =D> 8-> I always wonder why people sell their own products so low when it is clearly worth more and people are willing to buy it at a higher price, makes no sense to me.

Think about this. I do video gigs, spokesperson type commercials. There are tens of thousands of ad agencies out there looking for fresh faces and actors. The truth is, these shops do a lot of the work for me. They go out locally and get work, they advertise their videos, provide customer service, provide support (which I LOVE), and a lot more. Does it pain me to know that one of my customers paid $15 for my service and resold it for $60, not really. After all, my chances of finding their customer and selling directly to them would be slim so I’d never even have seen the $15 if I refused to offer videos to resellers. I charge what I am comfortable charging…if my resellers can go out and get more for my videos with some hard work or networking on their part…get after it! :slight_smile:

Reply to @kscrowtb: Exactly right!

Time to rethink your marketing strategy. Make your $5 base gig what it really should be. Then add your extras for additional hours of work and delivery times.

Keep working.

Just think you are offering an affiliate program with 70% commission. Its great to have re-sellers.