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Profitable gig now a days

which is most profitable gig you see on fiverr now a days ? question

The gig where you can make the most :moneybag: is the one that supplies the work you are best at. :wink:

Why would you set up a profitable gig in an area you are not proficient in? :scream_cat:
If you are not excellent at providing a service, your buyers will soon find out and leave you less than stellar reviews, and then your gig will be worthless. :money_with_wings:

So, it would be best if you were to ask yourself, “What service can I offer and do an excellent job while doing it and at the same time, provide my buyer with the best product possible?” :thinking:


good answer but i take some challenges thats why find unique gig . :slight_smile:

Are you saying you like challenges?

yes i take some challenges

It is good to like challenges, but remember :arrow_down: :wink:


If i told you the most profitable gig is composing classical symphonies, would you create a gig for it even though you have zero experience in that particular field?


Doing something you aren’t proficient in simply because it’s “the most profitable gig on Fiverr” isn’t a “challenge.” It’s deception and illusion.

The only reason something is profitable for someone is because they are exceptional in that work. If you think you can become exceptional simply because you want to, then that is an insult to the people who have those proficiencies. In any case, proficient people are driven by passion for their work, not by “what gets the most profits.”

This illusion is probably mostly responsible for the over-saturation of under-qualified, unprofessional sellers on Fiverr. It hurts all of us.


Mine, mine are amazingly profitable.

Sell what I sell and you will be a millionaire within a week. It’s so easy too - just throw up any rubbish in your description and use any type of images you can find.

Once you do this buyers will be happy to throw money at you and will be happy to accept whatever you deliver and will leave a 100% tip every time.
Easy. Welcome aboard the gravy train!

Chooooo Chooooo!

Anyway, gotta go, someone just gave me tons more money while I was writing this and I’m afraid Fiverrs bank will explode if I don’t withdraw.


Hmm. I suppose that would probably explain why I’m not getting any orders on my “I will teach you how to groom your Woolly Mammoth” gig. :grimacing:


i agree with you but you didn’t get my point i post this not only for my personal its for everyone … means if you know a profitable gig and post her may be the person who have experience and get your idea

You can buy orb composer ($150) and compose classical symphonies using AI. Easy.

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If you create a $5 gig with that title, I’m pretty sure people would buy it just for fun. To make YouTube videos and have a laugh, to prank a friend, etc. :)) Not to mention the click rate and view rate would be identical. There is no way someone would see that title and not click :slight_smile:

Though on Fiverr gigs for composing classical music don’t seem very profitable.