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Profitable Work Niche For Newcommer Graphic Designers to kickstart

I have been working on Fiverr Quite long and usually keep researching new trends and Services in the market that are selling massive with less competition.
One thing is must if you are new in the market it becomes a bit difficult to get orders in start ( this doesn’t mean you offer some service that you have no or less experience).
Things you should understand if you are not skilled and you try to sell on Fiverr you can’t go long so first get your skillset 100% to generate quality Work.

CBD Graphics
If you are graphic designer CBD Niche is made for you it has lots of orders rate with fewer people offering services. You can look for other people Gigs.
Think of your Creative Idea.
Set price that justifies your work quality and nature.

I hope this helps for lots of sellers to kick start their Fiverr journey and provide quality services.

Good Luck!
For suggestions and Questions, I am available.


For experienced Sellers i request to provide your ideas and Feedbacks.

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I suggest to search first

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What, exactly, do you want feedback on?


For the Niche I suggested.
Actually i was more into helping newcomers so i wanted the experience sellers to give their feedback on trending Niches.

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I highly doubt any seller is going to share their discoveries about trending niches, especially if they are seeking to take advantage of a niche for themselves. Underserved niches in business are like gold. They are too valuable to share with others, and thereby let the competition steal the value of that niche from you. You have skills. YOU need to figure out how your skills might fit a niche few people are filling. It is unwise to expect other sellers to give you their trade secrets.

To be honest, I was a bit surprised that you so freely shared your own CBD graphics niche. Now that underserved category is out there – free for anyone else to compete with you, and possibly dominate the niche out from underneath you.

If you find a valuable niche, don’t tell everyone else. :crazy_face:


You are right but graphics is something not near to my Niche so i think if it helps someone to boost career it will be awesome. :slight_smile:

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I admire your interest in helping others, however, I should point out, you currently offer a gig that provides “CBD cannabis marijuana weed products” store design services. That sounds like a match to the niche category you were telling others to exploit. It is also worth noting, just because someone may have access to a niche, does not guarantee that it will “boost their career”. I don’t encourage sellers to provide services within niches they know nothing about.


Its great you saw my profile, Okay let me explain the Gig is suggested was CBD graphics. I do websites and i have no link with graphics making and i feel this is empty space for someone starting graphic design carrer.
I did because i believe strongly ( if you Help someone the positive energy generated and it helps you later in future its not because i have watched a lot of motivational speakers instead i am practicing this since childhood).
Lastly i mentioned people to get enough skills first ( before you make gig otherwise you can’t go long).

Tumbsup if my prespective is correct.

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How to find a trendy niche,in your opinion?
I know this question is silly.But if you have anything that would be great.

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Its hit and try TBH!