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Progress of withdrawal

Hi, I withdraw to paypal.
But this time why the time it takes much longer than before?
Last month I tried it only takes a few minutes and the money go directly to paypal. But it’s been more than 12 hours. What should I do ?

Thanks :slight_smile:

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I saw a notification two days back that paypal has some issues and they are trying to resolve it

It’s because of Paypal. You can call Paypal and ask them if you want to. They list their phone number on their site.

Before it was instant for me, but now it takes 10 minutes or so. Maybe you can try asking to Customer Support about it. :slight_smile:

Hi, thanks.
So the problem is with paypal or fiverr?
Because I did not get a notice from paypal or fiverr

What’s wrong with paypal?

Hi, thanks.
When was the last time you tried it?

this process sometime takes time.

Have you ever experienced it?

the other day that’s what happened to me. But now, I tried withdrawing again and it’s instant again. How’s everything from your end? :slight_smile:

My previous request is still in process.
In addition I have also contacted the service support of fiverr and there has been no reply.
Do you have any advice for me?


Frustrating. I last tried on 10/29 and still waiting. The withdraw button is grayed out and says “in progress”. Support will not answer.

this is part of my income, and I’m starting to feel ripped off.

I think so.
Actually, what happened with fiverr?

@rrgraph i am experiencing the same thing. Withdrawal in progress. it has been 3 days now and i have not got my funds. Did you succeed with this issue? what did you do to solve this

Same here, tried withdrawing on 31/10. Haven’t received an answer from customer support yet. Other paypal transactions I did went through just fine.

I think there is something wrong with fiverr.
I also do not get a reply from fiverr

Hopefully soon be resolved

I tried on 11/03 and still can’t withdraw the balance until this time :frowning:

No, Fiverr do this withdrawal process on-time not take extra time.