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Project awarding help

My name is Florin Safner, living in Trujillo, Venezuela.
I’m quite new here and a little lost with this site interface. I have many years working within other freelance sites and private clients. But I’d like too to test too this interesting site.
Now, I want to offer a job to a specific person, a friend of mine who also subscribed here but I don’t know how to invite him and award him the job. In the other sites it’s quite simple, publishing a new job and inviting a specific freelancer to do it. How could I do this here? I do not want to post an open job and have dozens of work proposal but only invite him and assign him the job.
Could someone guide me?
Many thanks and wish you the best.

It is against Fiverr Forum rules to mention other freelancing platforms. Please erase them before a mod either edit your post or removes it completely.

If you know your friend’s user name you merely go to their profile and place an order.


Hola, Florin. ¡Bienvenido a Fiverr y al foro!

I’m also Venezuelan, but from Caracas. :slightly_smiling_face:

If you know your friend’s username, you just need to go to his profile and either contact him to discuss your project, or order directly through his gig.

Follow this link, writing his username where it says “users”:


Hello, hola a todos :slight_smile: Viki, Maita gracias.
Muchas gracias por la orientación, trataré de seguir los pasos.

Feliz noche,


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You’re most welcome, Florin! :slightly_smiling_face:

Please add the translation of your text, so other users can understand. The forum language is English. :wink:

You too have a wonderful night!

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Oh, thank you too. English is fine for me. Best regards :slight_smile:

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Good morning.
I am trying to locate my friend account to invite him for a project but there is no “users” menu or label in the interface. Could help please? His name is Pablo Elias.Many thanks.

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Morning, Florin! Glad to know you’re doing fine. :smiley:

The only way for you to find your friend is by his username. If you know it, just copy/paste or directly write it, where it says “users”, using the following link:

There is no “users” label in the interface. I clicked your link many times but is only opening as

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Ok, just add “/xxx” (being xxx your friend’s username) without the quotation marks. It should look:

Let me see, thank you

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You’re most welcome, Florin.

Yes, this seems to work, thank you


Ok! So glad!!! :smiley:

Please, stay safe!


I finally accessed his ID in the site but I cannot see any messages box or other way to contact him for a job offer.
Sorry for bothering you.

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Hi Florin,

Glad to know you found your friend!

If there’s no contact button, it’s because he decided to open his account just as a buyer.

Don’t worry. It was a pleasure helping you. :wink:

Oh, I see. He must switch to “seller”. Thank you Maitasun