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Project Cancellation Scam

Hi there,

I am quite disappointed with Fiverr at this time. I have recently received an order from a client. Before sending an offer, I cleared all of the expectations for this project and the client confirmed that the expectations I listed were correct.

Now, after delivering the project, the client claims that this is not at all what they paid for. I worked as per the requirements they provided. If the client does not make their expectations public, I cannot know what they want. As you may have guessed, I am not a mindreader. I have offered this client a revision if they can provide guidance on what they do not like about my work. Instead of providing edit requests for the revision as they should, the buyer decided he wants to cancel the project. I am not willing to accept this cancellation request since I know that I am not to blame for this. My job as a seller on Fiverr is to respect the requirements provided in the order, not try to figure out what the client wants secretly in his/her head. The client is being extremely stubborn and wants nothing but a project cancellation, not a revision or anything else. I do not agree with this.

I contacted Customer Support already, so please do not suggest this. Customer Support was more or less useless by saying “You need to come to an agreement with the buyer”. How helpful is that when the buyer is not willing to come to an agreement with me? This response from Customer Support tells me that any buyer on this site can get free services as long as they request a cancellation and refuse to come to an agreement with the buyer. What kind of system is this?

Unless this Customer Support agent is completely wrong, Fiverr offers absolutely no protection to sellers on this site since I am being forced to provide free work to a buyer who is not being reasonable about their expectations. I offered revisions, I tried to communicate with the buyer and they will not change anything to mark the project as completed. All they want is a project cancellation.

At this point, I do not care about my money. I care about the project completion score. By cancelling this order, my percentage of completed projects will be lowered and this is not fair to me, a seller who provided high-quality work in accordance with the project requirements.

Can somebody please tell me if they have any idea how to sort this problem since Customer Support doesn’t want to help? If you have a suggestion, you would be very helpful!

Thanks so much, everyone!


Hi, Did the client do a proper order with you? If so, did you deliver work finished on delivery or before deliver?

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Hey! Thanks for taking the time to help me out here, I appreciate that.

The project is a “custom order”. Also, I delivered before the deadline.


What I am trying to say, is sometimes people fall into the trap of delivering the work, before completing the order. In other words, did you send the work with the delivery (even if it was early, that doesn’t matter).

I delivered the work and sent the work before marking the project as “Delivered” on the site.

Just a tip for future reference, don’t send the completed project before delivering. Deliver with the completed work, then it is up to the buyer to ask for a revision.

Delivering the work before you deliver the order allows the buyer to take the completed work and then cancel the order, before you have time to deliver. (Did this happen?)

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The client requested a cancellation only after I marked the project as “Delivered”. He refuses to accept a revision which I have offered countless times now.

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That was unreasonable. Try and get him to come up with a revision.

He refuses to do so and Customer Support doesn’t care, quite frankly. They told me that all I can do is give the client what he wants (a cancellation) or keep begging him to come to an agreement. I have been trying for hours to offer a revision and he continues spamming me with “Cancel this project, I am not paying.”


Is he asking you to cancel the order?

It is true that fiverr can’t pressure clients to accept orders. No business in the world will do that.

You don’t have to agree for cancellation. You can keep cancelling all cancellation requests that come from your client.
It’s enough to send a last message along the lines “unfortunately your order is not eligible to be cancelled as I delivered everything as promised in my gig and according to your gig requirements. However I’m happy to work on the revision for you”.
And just keep declining their cancellation request until they get tired.
(That message above is important to show fiverr that you tried to resolve it and your client is still have an option of revision so fiverr CS wouldn’t cancel your order in case if your client contacts them)

Edit: you can also attach a screenshot of the part under the requirements in light grey colour that client agreed that all information they provided is correct.


Yes, about 20 times now (no joke). I really don’t want to do this since I know I did the work properly and I don’t deserve this from a buyer. I do not want to see my project completion score drop because of a client that just doesn’t want to pay for my work even though it meets the requirements he shared with me at the start.

Yes, that is what I was going to suggest. Don’t cancel the order from your side.

Just carry on doing it.

This is the only thing I can do? Keep refusing the project cancellation? I did this 20 times so far. Why can buyers get away with free work simply because they continue requesting a cancellation?

Also, I will then be penalised for a late delivery in the end, right? Each time the client requests a cancellation, the project timer resumes and it will soon hit 0 minutes because of the time he is wasting with these project cancellations. So either way, the buyer loses.

You won’t be penalised for not accepting the cancellation. If it get to the actual delivery date, fiverr only allows 3 days after that and the order goes through. Just carry on refusing to cancel.

So, I can let the timer run out next time he requests a cancellation? There is only 2 hours left on the clock.

Then once it runs out, I will reject the cancellation over and over. After 3 days, I will get the payment automatically? Even if we keep arguing with the project cancellation system?

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No you wouldn’t. Late delivery counts only if you miss to deliver your first delivery on times

Yep. I don’t see any other way. And I don’t see what actions fiverr would’ve been able to take in this situation. They can’t tell the client that he has to complete the project when they are unhappy and they can’t complete that project on clients behalf when client wants to cancel. :woman_shrugging:
There is no easy way out of that situation not on fiverr neither in real work were you would’ve been running your own business.


No, after 3 days of rejecting the last cancellation request.


Is there a limit to how long I can keep rejecting project cancellations?