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Project marked as late after approval

If a project has been revised and submitted and the buyer has agreed that everything is okay, what do I do when the timer is still on countdown and states the project as being late?

Many thanks


As long as the order was delivered before the timer hit zero, you’ll be okay. It doesn’t actually count as late.


That’s good to know. Thank you.


It’s not going to matter much if you have the odd late one, either.

I’ve completed 800+ jobs in the years I’ve been on Fiverr and probably less than 10 of those were late for whatever the reason.

It hasn’t seemed to impact my stats much.

All I’m saying here is that we are human.

It happens.

Don’t panic about it.


This is really sound advice. We are human.

If the occasional order arrives late, then it’s fine. But if you find yourself regularly getting stressed and looking at the clock, then something is wrong and you might need to add an extra 24 hours to your promised gig delivery time.


Thank you looseink and english_voice. All advice appreciated. The client kindly told me they would be happy to extend the deadline on this occasion as it was over Christmas. I managed to fit it in anyway with first submission and revision but the timer is still running. Does the client need to mark the job as complete?

It’s the first time this has happened so I’m curious! Thank you for the reassuring words though.

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The delivery time says “about … hours ago” once the countdown ends. If the order was delivered, and the countdown ends, it does show as “late” but it doesn’t count. The client does need to mark the job as complete for this “fake late delivery” to go away, or you need to wait those 3 days for the order to be approved automatically. Either way, you’re good.


Thank you. Good to know it stops eventually!

Well, here I am, still waiting! My lovely client tried to end the order but couldn’t work out how to. It seems I am stuck with an increasing late delivery, revision on my account! Has anyone else encountered this?


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Hi, don’t worry, order is in revision status, it won’t affect your stats! Please try to deliver order again ( through delivery button ), it should give client option to mark it as complete


Exactly what was just posted.

The timer doesn’t really matter if you are in revision state.


Thank you. I appreciate the words of wisdom!

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Thank you once again!

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Thanks again for your help folks, the problem is sorted out. There appeared to be some kind of glitch as the buyer had rejected an offer of extras that I made. The cancellation of that offer seemed to put the project in some sort of revision limbo. The client was unable to mark the job as complete and it kept running. With help from the Fiverr team we got it sorted. I resubmitted the files and this time the client was able to mark it as complete. Sadly it has affected my delivery stats but they should iron out in the end.

Totally agree. Don’t worry