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Prolly asked a zillion times but ''How long does it takes to get the first order?

I can imagine that so many people would have this question, newbies like me, and this question would have been asked so many times, but like how much time does it usually takes to get the first sale on fiverr, and is it possible that someone never gets work on fiverr.
p.s, I know that fiverr is a marketplace and buyers go for what satisfies them, and the gig must be good.

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Yes, it can take some sellers months to get their first order. This varies wildly based on category, professionalism, gig setup and appearance, and many, many other factors. Thus there can’t be an answer.


While it’s not really possible to say, maybe if you add a poll for how long it took other sellers, maybe it could give a rough idea.

The mistake that most new sellers make is that when they create there gigs, they wait for customers without any effort in marketing and bringing visitors and in the end they say there is no business.

How do you mean? How do I bring visitors?