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Prolonged Revisions


hey guys, How are you all? :slight_smile:

I have come up with a rather irritating issue as one of my buyer who is a seller himself has assigned me a project. After the completion of the project now he is saying that he want some modification. However, he does not have the required information regarding the material to be modified. So, he is not marking my project as completed and instead of saying just leave it on modification request.

So, is it affect my profile, performance on fiverr in a negative sense? As he does not seems to come back shortly. What should I do?


No - it’ll just sit in limbo until he comes back with the required modifications.

Shouldn’t have any other effects at all! :slight_smile:


Thanks dear :slight_smile: it seems like he is doing it intentionally!


Whether it’s intentional or not, it won’t make any difference - don’t worry about it!


:heart_eyes:Thanks dear


or you can just submit the delivery again with the text that “need info for the modification”… Now if he give the info then its good and if he is doing intentionally and not replying then the order wll be mark as completed automatically… as you have already done work.


not doing any new revision and marking it as a delivery with just words is bad form. It’s called an empty delivery and is frowned upon.

You won’t win return buyers this way and your account could be in jeopardy.


You can extend the delivery period. You can’t send an empty delivery.


Sellers think too much… it should not cause any harm unless he rates you bad…


not sayng to send empty delvery…send the latest work she has done… as the main requirements are completed by her…