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Promise of area-specific Facebook likes?

So I am a newbie on Fiverr and wanted to boost my FB likes. I found someone who promised 700 permanent and real likes from a specific city in the US. I bought the service, and the number boost happened within minutes BUT they all seem to be from TURKEY! Yes, the country…not even in America. What can I do? I sent a “modification” request, but my ability to leave a review seems to be disconnected now. Coincidence? I think not. Ideas?

Thank for that info. Hoping to get a fix. 700 likes all from people who don’t have American-sounding names is not what I expected from this service. It clearly seems like pre-mediated bait and switch. My status for that job is “rejected”. So what does that mean? What is my recourse for what appears to be a scam?

The fact that they are from the wrong country is not even your biggest problem. Think about it: what are the odds that 700 people from the same city will click on your site in minutes after your purchased this service? It sounds like they are bots, and will probably vanish in a couple of days like I’ve read that they do.

Even if you are OK with the fact that you got bots, it’s still not what you payed for as you wanted people from USA. I would just talk to the seller, maybe request a cancelation. If you feel like you’ve been scammed contact Customer Support.

And since Facebook doesn’t approve of the use of fake traffic, you might find your account suspended or deleted if your fake traffic is detected.

But it’s how karma works. People want to make their social media numbers look pretty the easy way, so they cheat to do so…and end up getting cheated by the seller who promises to make those numbers all shiny.