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Promo Code Effect seller?


Hi,I am a new buyer on fiverr and buying first gig from a seller of $25 dollar,when i signed up i fortunately got a promo code if i am using that promo code before payout so the total from $27 change to $22 but i want to know how much seller will get $25 or $22?


I think the seller will get $25 which is the selling price, fiverr is the one giving you the promo not the seller.


Hi, it’s nice that you’re thinking of the seller when using your promo code!

We’ve had some sellers posting about having been affected by such codes, and when they noticed and contacted support about it, got a reply to the effect that it shouldn’t affect them :sweat_smile: , but when it did (perhaps a bug, perhaps bad design), they got refunded the difference by support.

I don’t know if that issue still exists, but if you make your seller aware that you’re using a promo code, they can keep their revenue for that order in the eye and contact support if they get less than they should.

If you buy a gig from a seller, you pay gig price + $2 for orders under $40, or 5% for orders above $40, and the seller gets gig price - 20%, so they’ll have to check how much they should “normally” get to see if it’s the right amount or if there’s a difference because of the promo code being used or not.