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Promo code or Repeat Buyer discount

hi - I’m considering offering a series of lessons, gigs. I thought about offering a discount or promo code to those buyers who work their way thru (and buy) each lesson in the series - sort of a “loyalty discount” — is that possible?

Not as a built-in feature, no. But nobody keeps you from giving a loyal buyer a discount on their next order/s. Just tell them to not order directly but message you for a custom offer with a loyalty discount or something like that.
You just need to keep in mind that it needs to be very clear that that discount does not have to do anything with the rating/review they’ll leave you.

If the gig clearly mentions that the discount is part of the deal, for example, “For the 1st lesson in this series of 10 lessons, you can order directly, for $50, for each subsequent lesson, you pay $2 less than for the last lesson if you message me for a custom offer before your 2nd, 3rd, etc., order.”, I don’t see a problem but if you want to be sure there won’t be issues, you can always ask support.

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great idea! thanks for the help!