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Promote a GIG or profile page?

Dear All,

I have prepared 6 GIGs. 3 of them mostly for domainers and the rest is for new startups.
The first part is really unique since no one prepares and mantain free premium domain list for 1000 domains or list of short premium domains.

Anyway, I would be promoting soon on social media and so on.

The Question is which way is the best? Promote one or two specific GIGs or whole profile page

If i promote one GIG then that one willl be known and take the lead but there is a risk of missing chances to sell more from the variety.

So thoughts from experienced people is highly appriciated.


You need to promote your all gigs. And I believe that one gig is enough to make career if it appear on first page in search result and you can do that perfectly …Because All sellers earn more than 80% from best seller gigs.

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Thanks for your answer Question is not all GIGs promotion versus one GIG. It is profile page (so people can see all GIGS in first look) versus GIG itself.

As a web designer I also would be glad if you can have a look my GIGS and feedback with some commments.

Thank you

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thank you fır your comments and time!

You are welcome…

Any other thoughts? may be not only from developing GIG improvement point but for first impression or sales pipe point of view.

If you have time you can check those tips .