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Promote gig feature

Mine promote gig feature says it is promoting a gig, but it doesn’t get any impression there is a major glitch in this feature, my gig disappeared from the search due to this


Big bug! Just thousands sellers have same problems and Fiverr have no reaction @mjensen415

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Hey guys! @onyourservice1 @nikolaovsek did you solve problem? I am facing the same issue please help me out here.

Hi @umarmeee I am still facing the issue from last 2 month, I have monthly paid team not sure when It will be fixed I do not like down sizing or firing anyone

That is even worse, I heard Fiverr employee announced that they are going to make changes in forum so i hope that they will make changes in the algo. as well. I am following many and many top sellers who are facing this issue. Maybe if you all connect here on forum and send a letter to fiverr CEO then they will try to help you out or atleast make it clear that what is going to happen in future. I know some sellers who came down to 0 orders a month from 10 orders a day and everyone is losing business so if we are losing it means fiverr is losing. Even in my niche I can see that some sellers who did not even complete an order in last 2 weeks are on top. So maybe low performers are being given a chance of they are fixing the issue. Some sellers added videos to their gigs and it came back but only for a couple days.

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