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Promote Gig on Facebook


When I create a new Gig I get asked at the end if I want to promote it on Facebook. If I don’t click the links then and there and continue on, when I come back to that Gig there are no obvious links to do so. Surely it is not a once only chance to promote a Gig on Facebook at the time of setting it up. So how do I do so?


Reply to @kjblynx: Thanks for your quick reply. If I am logged in I get a different address when I visit my Gig myself to what someone else needs to actually visit my Gig would get. For example, here is the URL address when I am logged in and open one of my Gigs, Notice it has "/users/pjpw2320/manage_gigs in the URL.

This is why I was looking for a Facebook and Twitter button to be able to share my Gig at any time, not just when I am setting it up, at which time it does give me these share buttons to click on.