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Promote Gig on Fiverr Forum

Hi Everyone!
I Hope you will be fine. I saw many sellers who promote there gigs on fiverr forum?
Is it legal?
Are they receive many orders?


You can promote your gig on the Fiverr Forum if you post it under “My Fiverr Gigs”. If you promote it anywhere else on the Forum it will be flagged :black_flag: as Off Topic. If you get flagged often you could get suspended from the Forum.


It is legal however, you’ve got to promote your gigs under the “My fiver gigs” category/topic and don’t just include your link to your page but also include some information about it etc :slight_smile: Hope this helps

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Best guesses:


As for myself, I have my setting so I do not even see the “My Fiverr Gig” threads. I will search for the services I want or make a Buyer’s Request.

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A lot of people did that as soon as they figured out how.

People come to the forum to talk about stuff, not to read ads.

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How to promote my gig, please help me, Someone.

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