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Promote Gig Showing this message ( Not promotable (Unqualified) )

Suddenly I checked my promote gig is not active yet there is showing this message (Not promotable (Unqualified) ) But why I don’t understand. Does anybody have this kind of promote gig issue?


Same here, I got this too at the same time today. I have an order cancellation not sure it’s for that or not


Same problem here too


Same problem anyone got any lead?


It may be due to some technical issues.

same problem here, anyone with an answer for this?

Same issue here! I hope they will fix as soon as possible

Order cancelation
Ratings in last 60 days
and if the gig is not on first three pages then the promotion wont work
this might be wrong but from my experience these are the main factors


Has the issue been resolved

I am having same issue, I had to cancel my order with a business client and after 7 days they took back promoted gigs option from me, and my gig is on last page now, does anyone know how to improve it?

Suggest you create your own new topic to discuss this.

Has this problem been solved for you? if yes, how did you do that? and what do you think caused that problem?


Did you get that option back later?

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Hello Friend

How to fix fiverr promote gig’s unqualified

How does fiverr know what keywords you are focusing? It might be ranked in first page for a certain keywords but might not for other keywords.

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i Am Facing this Issue as Well
Level 2 With 350+ Projects

All Of A Sudden When they Added 2 new Gigs into my Promotion Option all of my Gigs Went Unqualified and All of My Gigs Went Dead Can’t Even Find them on Last Page even if they were on the First Page all the time

I have Contact Customer Service but didn’t Get any Clear answer just saying all is good it will take time etc…
It has been Many Days

If Anyone Of You Have Resolved it somehow Please Share with Us how we can resolve this

Thank You

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i am having the same issue. 7k+ completed orders but gig says “unqualified” and at the same time when it got “unqualified” for promotion, gig was thrown from 1st page to 12th.

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It might be because of the cancellation then or your current completion rate or other dashboard stats. It said the same for me when I dropped a level/levels but after the level increased and stats have got higher (all >=93%) it’s saying I can promote again.


On time delivery is 96 but all other stats are 100%, I hope that it will be back to normal soon as for most of sellers it comes back within a month.


I’m facing the same issue. Can anybody got any lead on this issue?